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About Us

Floral decorations can make a wedding gorgeous and glamourous. Imagine a room bursting with beautiful puffs of romantic shades, all arranged wonderfully for you, the bride.

The team at The Red Petals Florist has years of experience in making brides smile. Their floral arrangements are made of the things brides dream about. Their experience in collaborating with various hotels and caterers ensures that they are at the top of their game, and are able to consistently deliver works of excellent standards.


There is something about flowers that add volume and character to a room. A mixture of forms, flowers can soften the look of any room and lull your guests into a romantic mood, befitting of a wedding day. In the hands of The Red Petals Florist, flowers become a tool to create the perfect ambience. 


The large client base at The Red Petals Florist means that the team is accustomed to the needs and wishes of different couples. Their professionalism in handling various requests has impressed many couples, allowing them to relax in the knowledge that the team will ensure that the atmosphere will be ideal replica chopard on their wedding day.


Dedication and creativity are the hallmarks of The Red Petals Florist; whether you wish to have lovely, cascading trails of white or eye-catching hues of bright red, you need only say the words.